Kevin Ryan Attorney at Law
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Kevin G. Ryan - Attorney at Law

Facing a criminal charge presents one of life's most troubling challenges. Obtaining legal counsel ensures that you do not face the challenge alone.

Attorney Kevin Ryan handles all types of felony and misdemeanor cases including, but not limited to:

  • DUI
  • Drug possession (VGCSA)
  • Battery
  • Family Violence Battery
  • Assault
  • Traffic violations (such as speeding)

A more complete list of cases we handle is available.

We will be glad to offer you a consultation at no charge. If you want to discuss your case confidentially with an attorney, call us or email us today.

We can advise non-Georgia residents who have been charged with crimes or offenses in Georgia. We also welcome international clients who live outside the United States who have questions about Georgia charges. It may be possible to resolve your case without your presence.

Do you have or fear that you have a warrant outstanding for your arrest in Georgia? Don't hesitate to contact us. Our lawyers fight cases throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area including Roswell, Sandy Springs, and many other jurisdictions. You can tell us about your case with no anxiety: Any information that you reveal to us concerning your case while inquiring about potential legal representation, even if you should decide not to retain us, remains confidential and subject to the attorney client privilege.

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